'Glass Security Bulletproof Film for window and door protection'     

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STECglass 'Security Film' / Laminates , turns your glass into Burglarproof, Bulletproof and Explosion proof.

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'Glass SECURITY  Bulletproof FILM'

Glass Safety Films Glass Security Films Glass Protection Films Glass Bulletproof Film Glass Explosionproof Film





  • Safety Film
  • Security Film
  • Bulletproof Film

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 The Best Glass Security Bulletproof Film in ASIA


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STECglass  'Bulletproof Film' / Laminates'  

 STECglass 'Bulletproof Film' / Explosion Proof Film Class 336


  • Home / Office / Commercial Building / Banks / Museum / Military / Enforcement agency


  • Protection against penetration by Bullet or Explosion.
  • Protects home, business, public, military, police station, airport, terminal, government office, etc...from Attack, Robbery, Stray bullet, Explosion, Riot, Natural Disaster, etc...
  • Withhold glass from penetration due to Bullet attack, Explosion, Natural disaster.
  • Withstands high impact force due to natural disaster such as typhoon, hurricane, earth quake, flood, etc...

End Use:

  • For HOME - protects your home from burglary, explosion, stray bullet, natural disaster, etc...
  • For OFFICE - protects business, property and products on display from heavy arm robbery, explosion, smash and grab thief, burglary, fire, etc...
  • For COMMERCIAL - protects business, staff, products, documents due to terrorism, riot, burglary, robbery, explosion, terrorist attack, etc...
  • For CAR - prevent smash and grab thief, car theft by breaking window.
  • Airport and public area - protects human life due to explosion, stray bullet, terrorist attack.
  • Banks, Museum and Exhibition center - withhold glass from robbery, explosion, terrorism, riot, natural disaster such as typhoon, hurricane, earth quake, flood, etc...
  • Others area which require glass protection against attack or penetration by weapons.

Level of protection:

  • Level of protection from various armor depends strongly on Types of weapons, Types of Bullet, Types of Explosion, Glass Thickness, Number of Film Layer.

STECglass 'Bulletproof Film' 336 Specification:

Thickness: 300um
Adhesive: on acrylic basis
Adhesive Thickness: 36um
Weight: 336g/sqm
Roll Width: 1200 or 1500 mm
Color: either clear or in combination with sun protection
Composition: three ply PET/adhesive/release liner
Surface: sr hardened (UV-cured)
Adhesion: 100%
Temperature Range: -75 F to +175 F
Melting Point: +265F
Ignitability: B1 according to DIN 40634, hard to ignite
Fire Resistance (100um): 10-29min(FIRTO)
Detonation Resistance: 70 to/
Total Solar Transmission: 84%
Visible Light Transmission: 97%
Color-Fastness: 100%
UV Absorption(300-380 nm): 98%
Warranty: 5 years
Influences of Condensed Water: none
Chemically resistant against
Hydrogen super oxide, ethanol, sulphuric acid,
mercurochrome, merkhiolate, acetone,
NaOH(10%), toluene, UM AP, naphtha,
ammoniac, Clorox


Clear / Grey / Bronze