'Glass Security Bulletproof Film for window and door protection'     

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STECglass 'Security Film' / Laminates , turns your glass into Burglarproof, Bulletproof and Explosion proof.

STEC Advance Equips Malaysia

Save COST. Save LIFE.

Let us worry about your SAFETY!


'Glass SECURITY  Bulletproof FILM'

Glass Safety Films Glass Security Films Glass Protection Films Glass Bulletproof Film Glass Explosionproof Film





  • Safety Film
  • Security Film
  • Bulletproof Film

Your Safety Is Our Promise!

 The Best Glass Security Bulletproof Film in ASIA


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Professional Bomb Detector for Military use.

STEC 2220

STEC 2220 is a professional use bomb detector with world's best design for the use by Military to locate and identify hidden bomb regardless underneath ground or in any hidden places.

Accurate result and fast detection enable military to locate and disarm planted bomb or explosive devise in time. Comes with a complete bomb detection features, accessories, tools and in a handy briefcase.