'Glass Security Bulletproof Film for window and door protection'     

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STECglass 'Security Film' / Laminates , turns your glass into Burglarproof, Bulletproof and Explosion proof.

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Save COST. Save LIFE.

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'Glass SECURITY  Bulletproof FILM'

Glass Safety Films Glass Security Films Glass Protection Films Glass Bulletproof Film Glass Explosionproof Film




NIJ standard

  • Safety Film
  • Security Film
  • Bulletproof Film

Your Safety Is Our Promise!

 The Best Glass Security Bulletproof Film in ASIA


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 STECglass Security Bulletproof Films - Laminates - Introduction


As crime rate and terrorism increase in a worrying stage, it is a necessity for every one to provide

protection shield on their glasses regardless for home, commercial building or governmental agencies.


Some countries are exposed to high crime rate, terrorism, where else some are natural disasters which

expose danger to themselves, family and employees. Protecting your glasses against such unforeseen disaster is an insurance of life saving. Never too late until it happens, Prepare and protect your beloved with STEC Security Films, offer peace of mind and stay safe forever, whenever, wherever.


STEC Security Films simply offers glass protection against penetration by Explosion, Bullet or Natural disaster by applying it on your existing glass. Simple, No renovation, No hassle, D.I.Y and does not need to change your existing glass and inexpensive if compare with others glass or window protection material and best of all, last forever.

STECglass Security Films and Bulletproof Films offers the solution today!

On top of offering UV and Solar filtering, STEC Films offer life and property protection against any incident due to glass penetration and secures your life and properly in any circumstances where you need the glasses to be penetration proof.

STEC Glass Security Films and Bulletproof Laminates can be used for Home, Office, Vehicle, Banks, Museum, Retail, Government Agency, Airport, Train Terminal, Gold shop, Exhibition, etc...places where you need protection against disaster regardless of man-made or natural.

STEC Glass Security Films and Bulletproof laminates offers:

  • Safety Film - Knock proof
  • Security Film - Hammer proof
  • Bulletproof Film - Protection against weapons attack.

For more detail of our security and bulletproof film, you're welcome to browse through our product detail.

Thank you.

James Tomas

International Marketing Director