'Glass Security Bulletproof Film for window and door protection'     

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STECglass 'Security Film' / Laminates , turns your glass into Burglarproof, Bulletproof and Explosion proof.

STEC Advance Equips Malaysia

Save COST. Save LIFE.

Let us worry about your SAFETY!


'Glass SECURITY  Bulletproof FILM'

Glass Safety Films Glass Security Films Glass Protection Films Glass Bulletproof Film Glass Explosionproof Film





  • Safety Film
  • Security Film
  • Bulletproof Film

Your Safety Is Our Promise!

 The Best Glass Security Bulletproof Film in ASIA


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   Advantages Of STECglass Security Films and Bulletproof Films / Laminates.

Dear Customer, if you're looking forward for a material which can offer top security for your glass

window, no blockage of view, inexpensive, life time endurance, easy to install and yet at the lowest

cost within your budget, you have explore a right product...STEC Security Film offers you all in one

solution at lowest cost in market.

  • No blocking and gives you a very clear view of your glass.

  • Protection against Weapons, Natural Disaster, Explosion, etc...

  • No penetration on glass regardless of man-made or natural disaster.

  • Life time endurance

  • Compatible cost against others material

  • Easy installation

  • No renovation require

  • Solar and UV filtering

  • Provides cooler environment

  • Protects your Home / Office from attack, theft, robbery, natural disaster, terrorism, etc..

  • Protects your property or goods from robbery, riot, such as banks, display cabinet, museum, etc..


             Allows NOTHING to penetrate your glass...!

                                     Your SAFETY is our PROMISE