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STECglass 'Security Film' / Laminates , turns your glass into Burglarproof, Bulletproof and Explosion proof.

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Welcome back...!

STECglass Security Films and Bulletproof films / laminates has been tested and verified its capability and strength to withstand high impact and bullet from various customer all over the world.

Below are some actual test and feedback from our customers.

South Africa - Tested by Merchant Of Capricorn ( 12 January 2007 )


We did the testing on Friday and Iím glad to inform you that all went very great. We did our first testing at the SABS (S.A u  of Standards) and shot the first tests for 9mm 375ft/s.

We passed SA standards by 3mm! the tests are the same as international, 3 shots in a perfect triangle on a 420mm by 420mm pane of glass, on different thicknesses. All 3 shots were stopped and no penetration at 5meters on 5 5mm glass panes (25mm) we went down to 20mm then and stopped 2 bullets and then we stopped 1 bullet on 15mm. the South African Standards currently 28mm, any combination. We think we will get it stopped at 20mm 3 shots we are just going to try some different combinations.

Then we did impact testing in the public with our new clients present and setup an swinging iron ball test on a car fitted with 2 windows USA brand and 2 windows STECglass. It was a very nice exhibition and we drew quite a crowd. USA brand 1 shot with iron ball and it went through. STECglass no penetration even after 4 attempts. Same height and impact. Then baseball bat, = STECglass 3 shots , USA brand first shot penetration.

We had a professional television company there the whole day to record everything and to make some great marketing footage. I will DHL you a copy of everything once we received our first copies.  

We will inform you of our next order within the week but I suspect it will most probably be the 224 film, and a lot of it. But details will follow later.

Test Photos:

Bullet Test

Bullet Test

Bullet Condition After

Impact on glass

Swinging Steel Ball

Impact Test on car glass





Werner van der Westhuizen


Merchant of Capricorn


USA New York - Tested by Phedon Bilek ( 01 June 2006 )

I finally got the results, and STECglass stopped 9mm bullets in glass inferior to 10mm thickness. I didn't expect this I have to admit... Impressive.


Phedon Bilek

Managing Director / CEO



Bangkok, Thailand ( 23rd January 2007 )


A test was conducted by customer in Thailand with glass and shooting criteria as below:


2 layer of 10mm float glass.

336c film on each glass layer.

Both glasses was clamped together with an aluminum frame without physical bonding between both glass.

Ammunition test was: 9mm and 11mm.

Testing range: 25 meters.

Number of shot tested: 6


** Result:


5 shots: No Penetration



1. Only normal float glass was used for this test. Result would be better if tempered glass were used.

2. Standard test should be only 3 shots with 100mm apart from each shot target.

3. Overall test PASSED and EXCEED customer's expectation.