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STEC Security Film, turns your glass into Burglarproof, Bulletproof and Explosion proof.


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Your Safety Is Our Promise!

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We promise your safety

STEC Security and Bulletproof Film

Never lets anything PENETRATE your glass again. Protects your home / business from Burglar, Bullet, Explosion, Natural Disaster, etc...with STEC Security Film and Laminates.


STEC Security Film and Bulletproof Laminates Test and Video Clips.

Caution: This video was taken during military test to justify the endurance of STEC Bullet Resistance Film. For reference only.


 Introduction >

STEC Security Film or Laminates - a special reinforce film with high quality material to withstands high impact such as Hard Object, Bullet and Explosion. Withhold glass from breaking into pieces and prevent penetration which may create danger to human life or property.

 Product Family >

STEC has 3 categories of security film laminates.

  • Safety Film 112 - To withhold glass from breaking into pieces by accidental knock by hard object, human or natural disaster.
  • Security Film 224 - To withstands high impact knock by purpose such as burglary, robbery or attack and natural disaster such as typhoon, earth quake, flood...etc.
  • Bulletproof Film 336 -  Human life protection from planned attack such as terrorism, explosion or assassinations. To stop bullet and explosion from glass penetration and protect human life or property. Resistance capability depends much on type of armor, bullet, thickness of glass and number of layer.


Welcome to STEC security film and bulletproof laminates. STEC security produces world best and most reliable security film for home. office, commercial building, military, police and governmental office protection.

With its manufacturing plant in Asia, STEC is able to compete with other manufacturer in terms of technology, skill and low manufacturing cost. Thus, we are able to offer higher quality products at lower cost.

Today, STEC Security Film and Bulletproof Film has been widely used and well in demand for Residential, Commercial and Military all around the world. With its market penetration in Korea, Japan, China, USA, South East Asia, Middle East, India and major part in Europe, STEC is very confident in providing best customer service, short delivery time, lower cost and customer satisfaction over STEC's product.

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Philosophy behind the need of Security Film.


You may have the best designer to design your villa or bungalow, with wide glass for better view facing sea front, golf course or theme park, but is your glass window protected from burglar, natural disaster, etc...? Conventionally, people protect their glass with grill, iron bar, shutter, etc...these products only defeat the whole design, concept of having a clear view. What do you need to obtain what you are looking for? Nice interior design, clear view and stay protected...? STEC Security Film offer you the solution at lower cost than any other material you may think off.


Glasses provide you better building design and allow customer to view your showcase, building, offices, etc.....better and clearer. But glasses are the weakest material in construction in terms of security. How can you have security and clear view at the same time? STEC Security Film provides a great solution for banks, gold shop, pawn shop, museum, airport, terminal, display cabinet, etc..We ensure you top security without any penetration against burglary, riot, robbery, etc...Let your customers shop through your display without any interference.

High Buildings:

On 911, almost 70% of 2,700 innocent life died that day before the building collapse. WHY? Total darkness with black smoke of air forcing people to crawl finding escape route. Pieces of glass chips on floor due to explosion has make escape very difficult as we are not able to crawl with our bare hands. With STEC Security Film, we make sure your glass stays to its frame even during an explosion and this saves lives....!

Military and Enforcement.

STEC Security Film has been widely used by Military, Navy, Embassies, Enforcement Agencies, Security Cars, VIPs, Cash Transport Vehicle, etc....It has been tested and adapted by Military and Navy to enhance security for offices, military base, navy battle ship, vehicles, etc...If it can protect the Army, you can be sure enough that it can protect your home, offices or buildings.